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I’m back – but the UK isn’t.

I’m back – but the UK isn’t.

I’ve been really quiet (silent in fact), just navigating the big, wide, world.

But I rejoin you on a sombre day.

Two years ago today the UK, the country of my birth set out on a path of certain implosion – the referendum to leave the EU.

I remember waking up that morning and wondering whether I had somehow entered a parallel universe. I felt punch drunk, even though I was neither drunk nor had I been punched.

Unlike my usual general election all – nighters, I had gone to bed just before twelve on the night of the vote as there seemed little point in wrecking my week due to a night of no sleep, for a “no news” event.

Move along, nothing to see here, it was all very silly and I’d wake up to find that thankfully those that had also voted felt the same.

But the morning news told a depressingly different story.

Overnight a chapter of uncertainty, regression, acrimony and division was ushered in and it was as though I was sleep-walking. The UK certainly was, and has remained in a somnolent state ever since.

But back then, even with my head full of pessemism and disbelief, I had no idea of the gloom and sheer ignorance and incompetence that would follow.

Where did I think, two years ago, that we would be by now?

It seems strange these days to think that although I was deeply dismayed by what I considered to be a huge mistake, there was also a little bit of me that thought it will probably work out alright and some sort of normality would by now have resumed.

Oh to be taken back to the day where I had at least that modicum of positivity.

The last two years have seen a slow crumbling of credibility  on the global stage, for this once much admired country .

It has given rise to the anachronistic Jacob Rees Mogg, whose 1950’s comic strip persona hides a dangerous seam of real nastiness, that seems to be ever – present in our “new” society.

It resulted in the faux -bumbling, duplicitous Boris Johnson – who does know better than to act like a buffoon, but nonetheless seems to think that it enhances his appeal to the Brexit voter – being given a far too important job just to keep him “onside”.

We have seen an opposition who, rather than providing a real and serious challenge to our devious government, have been consumed by their own inner conflict and inability to honestly say that their leadership are anti – Europe too.

Hate crimes have spiked, as anyone who hasn’t lived here since birth is suddenly percieved as a threat and a leech.

The NHS has been put under even more strain as medical professionals from other parts of Europe cut their losses and go elsewhere, taking their much – needed expertise with them. Midwife numbers are now at an all time low.

Air Bus, BMW, and other huge employers have gone on record saying that they will seriously consider relocation if we leave, taking with them hundreds of thousands of jobs.

In fact, considering this was going to be the start of a bright new future for these ancient Isles, there has been a distinct lack of any good news since that momentous day.

So, what next for people like me?

I no longer feel that I belong in the UK, and I no longer feel even remotely represented politically. I feel quite displaced.

As a minion, and like so many other minions in this country and others where arrogant politicians play chess with our lives in their own purusance of glory and power, my options are limited.

I feel as though I should leave. Were there a Careers Office

I would be asking how I can become a migrant, as I seek a brighter future more inkeeping with my beliefs and aspirations.

But for today I will head out for a walk down the river in the sunshine, enjoy a glass of wine, and be grateful that for now at least the politicians can’t take that away from me.

Enjoy your day my friends.






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