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It’s a shame that Dame Margeret Hodge allowed her frustration with her party to overflow.

For sure resorting to swearing at someone in a heated discussion is not to be recommended, not least because it weakens your own position.

That said, the fact that there is now going to be an almost immediate party inquiry into the whys and the wherefores, with the potential for some sort of punishment being meted out, smacks of rank hypocrisy.

If only the party could have swung so swiftly into action when the numerous, very clear incidents of anti – semetism have been committed.

For the record, I am deeply uncomfortable with how the Israeli administration behaves disproportionately towards the Palestinians.

Hamas are guilty of atrocities and do have an agenda of their own, but as was the point about the Mafia in my blog “A tale of two cities,”ย  when people are poverty stricken, displaced, oppressed and without hope, it provides a petri dish for the likes of Hamas to proliferate.

I do not condone the violent death of any human being, on any side of the political or religious fence.

But the Palestinians must feel as though they are screaming into the wind, and while this does not justify what Hamas does in their name, it does offer up some sort of reason why.

So while I have serious concerns about how Israel goes about its business, and I very much question the humanitarian credentials of the Netanyahu administration, I am not an anti-semite.

I completely respect members of the Jewish faith just as I do Muslims, Buddhists and Christians. Just as I do those who have no religious faith of any persuasion.

As someone who does not subscribe to any organised religion, I make my judgements of another based on how they treat me, and I would fight for the right of any group to pursue their own culture or beliefs, free of bigotry and prejudice, providing they observe the requirements of what is considered to be a civil and just society.

The old adage – there are good and bad within them all – will always hold true, but that is not determined by the God that they pray to or the holy book that they read.

It cannot be denied that the Labour Party has a serious problem with anti-semetism. If a senior, highly experienced and very well respected politician such as Dame Hodge feels it, then that must be respected.

Why is her loss of control, and use of an expletive to Mr Corbyn considered more offensive than the anti-semetism that has smeared the Labour party? And if it is not, then why is it being dealt with far more seriously?

It seems to me that Dame Hodge mustย  feel that she too is screaming into the wind, and hence her explosive reaction to Mr Corbyn.

Inappropriate perhaps, but the result of having your rights dismissed and your voice ignored.

Common ground that both the Palestinians and Jewish members of the Labour party share.



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