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Is there a PR vacancy at the Palace?


Little defines the class divide more clearly than the aristocratic predilection for shooting animals for fun.

I hold my hand up to my republican leanings. I’m not a Royalist. Nonetheless, I can see that the younger members are doing their best to pomote the idea that we’re actually all the same when it comes down to it, softening their priveleged accents and being all touchy feely with us plebeians.

But it is still “them and us” and will always be so.

Still, the disclosure that little Prince George was, if not in attendance at least in the vicinity of a grouse shoot, is regressive even by the antiquated ways of the Windsors.

Us peasants have been known to bump off the odd rabbit or two to feed hungry bellies, but dressing up in a ludicrous outfit that costs more than an average monthly salary, while awaiting the staged release of lumbering game birds to shoot and prove your sporting prowess, while “your” women look on demurely, is pure pantomime belonging to a very different era.

And here’s the thing. Even if they eat the spoils of their afternoon bloodfest, they have other food available, and very fine food too. They do not need to glorify the pursuit and killing of an animal in the name of sport.

If this bloodsport is acceptable where is the line drawn? What’s the difference when it’s a an elephant or tiger?

The fact that the latter has a protected status and the former is considered lowly is a dubious defence, not to mention that the eco system in pheasant – rearing areas is sacrificed in order to eliminate natural predators. So it’s hardly the most sustainable country pursuit either.

It’s true that game shoots are part of  the rural culture. In areas where job opportunities are few, the industry offers employment and a vital revenue stream for the local economy.

But as a society can we  afford to use that justification for something that is inherently wrong?

The same could be said for bullfighting in Spain or dancing bears in Asia,  but you would be hard pressed to find any Brit supporting either of those.

Either the Royal family are genuinely trying to modernise or they are guilty of patronising the British public, while in real terms changing very little about how they operate.

And whoever the PR guru was in charge of the leak about the young Prince’s attendance, I wonder whether they are really in the right game.

The spin machine at Kensington Palace is working overtime to exploit the “Markle Sparkle” effect. Her mixed race, West coast American, working background was a gift to the Royal family. If you can forget the millionaire aspect of the super successful Hollywood actress, she could almost be one of us, right?

And yet in one fell swoop the Middleton PR camp has just blown apart these efforts with a twelve bore.

Post – welfare state the UK was supposed to have entered into an era of class-less society where everybody is equal. Well, we all know that is an absurd notion.

But I’d respect the Royal family more if they had the courage to truly modernise and realise that there is no place for this out-dated and unpleasant ” sport” in modern day Britain.

Or at least drop the hypocrisy of pretending to be one of us.

I wonder how New Age, yoga loving, mindfulness fan Markle describes these weird “afternoons out” with the inlaws to her old L.A. pals.

Oh to be a fly on that wall!



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